Trench Coats For Men

It’s a fact that trench coats for men can be worn by every generation, due to the huge variety of designs available. Each decade has seen a new version added to this large section of men’s coats, and it continues to be the most sought after coat ever created.

Trench Coats For Men

Trench Coats For Men

When we think of trench coats we most often picture Peter Falk in his disheveled brown coat. The detective in any movie always seemed to wear a brown or black trench coat.

However, trench coats for men did not originate in the movies costume department, and were created for a much more basic purpose indeed.

With top designers creating entire ranges dedicated to outerwear, there is an ever increasing variety available.

The traditional look of the Jos. A. Bank raincoat – to the selection of traditional and contemporary TravelSmith trench coats for men, there is a coat to suit every man.

While a new selection of short and three quarter length coats hit the stores, the full length coats remain steadfast in their appeal.

In particular, the mens black trench coat is not only to be found in the closet of the young and trendy teenager, but the businessman’s wardrobe is rarely without this well designed staple.

The fact is that all of the trench coats on sale today are a far cry from the humble origins of this well loved overcoat. But nevertheless, many will be surprised just how long this trendy attire has been around.

The Changing Uses For Trench Coats For Men

Trench Coats For Men actually originated during World War 1 in the United Kingdom when officers of the British army wore them as an optional dress uniform. The first company to be commissioned by the British army to make trench coats for the officers was Burberry.

These original mens trench coats had shoulder straps and D rings for carrying equipment. Stories circulated that the D ring was for hanging grenades, but they were actually intended for hanging map cases.

It now becomes clear that these long coats were called trench coats because they were worn in the trenches.

The men complained that the coats were being ruined with the trench mud, so a company called Aquascutum was commissioned to produce double breasted trench coats for men with a removable lining. The front line soldiers dubbed the coat “trench coat” and it is known as such to this day.

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The first company to make trench coats for men in the United States was London Fog Company who created their world famous London Fog coats. Their London Fog trench coats are still extremely popular today, in both traditional and modern designs.

British soldiers continued to wear the mens trench coat during World War II. The trend was followed closely by soldiers in the armies of the United States, Soviet Union, and other European countries.

To consider practicality the trench coats for men were made shorter, to allow for easy and unencumbered movement. It was not too long before the coat was also recommended for the women of the British Armed Forces.

After World War II we saw trench coats for men as a trendy item, worn by the more fashionable people as well as fictional characters such as Dick Tracy.

Every fashion conscious guy needed to own an overcoat whether for casual or formal wear. When the modern young people began wearing the trench coat it passed into the realm of counterculture.

The leather trench coat was worn by heavy metal rock stars and fans alike together with the Gothic crowd. They adopted the black leather trench coat, the hooded trench coat, and the oilcloth duster as a sort of uniform.

After the Columbine massacre, where the killer wore a trench coat to hide his cache of firearms, schools prohibited the wearing of trench coats. They believed the killer to be a member of the Trench Coat Mafia which was made up of Columbine school dropouts.

Through the years these full length coats went from a necessary piece of apparel for the officers of the British army, to becoming a fashion statement for the fashionable people as well as rockers and the Gothic crowds.

Fashionable Trench Coats For Men Of Today

Over many decades the trench coats for men have had slight changes in style from long lengths to shorter lengths, and then long again.

The length is dependent on what is fashionable at the time, and while the short trench coat is popular the long trench coat will always be around.

Black, camel, and tan trench coats continue to be the most popular colors, with the navy coat following close behind. With younger men opting for the shorter length jacket or ankle length model, the more traditional shopper tends to opt for the knee or calf length design.

With names like Polo Ralph Lauren, Diesel, London Fog, Michael Kors, TravelSmith, and so many more, creating exciting trench coats for men, it’s no wonder they are such a necessity in the modern man’s closet.

The details of trench coats for men may change in accordance to what fashion dictates, but we’ll never stop wearing them.

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