Full Length Coats – Hero Or Villain?

The amount of full length coats available for both men and women is unending. Some of the full length coats available are: leather, fur, faux fur and fabrics such as cotton, wool cashmere and silk to name a few.

Full Length Coat

Full Length Coat

Another full length coat that is seldom referred to is the French Highwayman’s coat. It is patterned after the coat worn by highwaymen that preyed upon rich travelers. The coat is long with a generous slit in back and one on each side for easy movement. The sleeves are decorated with buttons and cording. The Highway man’s coat is made in black denim only.

Mens full length coats have been around for centuries and the very first trench coats for men were an example of this long style.

The long trench coat protected soldiers in the trenches from the mud and rain, and cowboys from the rain and the dust. Designed for practical reasons they soon became popular with both sexes.

Centuries ago women always wore long dresses and as such the dresses had to be protected from the elements. To do this the woman either wore a cape or a full length coat.

The need for the woman’s full length coat has changed somewhat. Now she wears it as more of a fashion statement rather than to protect clothing or to keep warm, although in some climates warmth is important.

In modern days, 1960’s and forward the woman’s full length coat has been referred to as the Maxi. Most of the Maxi’s are furs such as the Persian lamb, mink, sable and rabbit.

Both men’s and women’s full length coats are made of the same fabrics. Leather is used in making the trench coat, or duster. The duster or leather trench coat is still available and still stylish.

Overcoats and topcoats are generally made with cashmere and wool, furs such as lambskin and sheepskin, faux fur as well as a variety of leathers.

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Overcoats, topcoats, and other trench coats for men, may sometimes look alike but they are not alike. The overcoat is worn for warmth in climates that are very cold, where the topcoat although also worn for warmth is lighter.

Today’s long coats are stylish and make a strong fashion statement. They speak clearly of the personality of the wearer.

The full length coat is often associated with the heroes of movies and TV. It is amusing to know that the vampire series of shows have the vampires wearing  full length trenchcoats. This bit of viewing information is to let the viewer know that the vampire never ages and so the full length trench coat was in existence for many years.

Hollywood has immortalized many pieces of clothing but the full length coat, be it trench or another will live on in the reels. Since most of us are interested in the film’s story line we do not really notice the clothes that the heroes are wearing.

While we may not have consciously noticed that the hero was wearing a men’s trench coat, men began favoring these coats after a visit to the cinema, where the tall dark handsome hero wore one. So was it just coincidence or did men want to emulate the hero that all the women loved?

In all of the Cary Grant movies he is wearing what looks like a black cashmere and wool trench coat. Next time you are at the movies check out the detectives and their light colored full length coats.

Although Hollywood features both heroes and villains wearing them, it still makes it the proper apparel for the sinister characters to wit: The Men in Black.

Today the long trench coats for men are a fashion statement and are made in many fabric varieties and many colors.

Unlike the black and tan of the eras past, the modern trench coat comes in colors from bright red to black, with colors such as purple in between.

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