Good Guys And Bad Guys Wear The Mens Duster Coat

The duster coat for men goes back many years and is most often seen in early westerns where both the good guys and the bad guys wore them. Character actors playing the part of a preacher wore them. If you remember the movie “Gunfight at the O.K. Corral” you will recall that the Dalton brothers all wore them.

Mens Duster Coat

Mens Duster Coat

The duster coat was long, tight at the top with long sleeves and flared at the bottom. The wider flared bottom was for the ease of mounting a horse and for quick movements. Included in that flared skirt of the coat was a slit in the back so the wearer could move the coat to each side when riding a horse.

The color was always black and no other colors were available at that time.

The original duster coat was really a cape made from a sail and soaked in linseed oil to make it water repellent. Sailors in the 1800’s wore water resistant capes while working on ships. Eventually, when they gave up sailing they began driving cattle and the coats became known as drove coats.

In the early days many people used an overcoat whilst working, and this especially applied to men. Trench coats were commonly worn and the Texas Rangers wore the duster as a uniform.

For a long time the garment lost its popularity and had its resurgence with the appearance of the automobile.

The first automobiles were open and the driver had to have a combination of clothing that was very much like a uniform. The driver needed to wear these long coats to keep him clean and for protection against flying debris and inclement weather.

The updated version of that time had not changed much except some of them had three slits, one on each side of the garment and one in the center back. They had to be made convenient for sitting in the vehicle hence the slits to be able to move parts of the coat aside when entering or leaving and sitting in the automobile

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Like the trench coats for men, the duster coat for men is still available and is now made of fabrics other than the sails and canvas they were made from originally. Not only are the fabrics modernized but there are now more colors available.

The style of the duster coat for men is one that can be worn in the casual world as well as the business world.

A man that considers himself a fashionable person usually has an overcoat in his wardrobe and wears it proudly to any occasion.

All styles of coat can easily be purchased online, and what may sometimes be described as a Gothic coat, Vampire coat, or full length leather trench coat is actually in fact a duster coat.

The modern man wears a duster to make a fashion statement and sometimes to change his image.

The long full length trench coat with its small cape across the shoulders and turned up collar, is definitely an image maker. Although it no longer serves the same purpose as did the duster coats of past eras, it still serves a purpose.

Trench coats for men still provide good protection against the inclement weather of some areas since many are still water and dust repellent. However, they are not an appropriate piece of apparel for bicycling since these mens trench coats get in the way of the bicycle’s mechanism.

The man wearing the long trench coats or mens duster coats still cuts an elegant looking figure, even in today’s fashion world. Unlike most retro costuming today, duster coats do not look out of place when being worn, because they can easily blend in with other men’s apparel.

The mens duster coat could have been the predecessor of the men’s topcoat of today and could easily be worn like one.

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