Mens Leather Coats Are A Symbol Of Style

Mens leather coats have remained popular ever since they were first manufactured back in the early part of the 19th Century.

Of course in those days they were specifically a luxury item affordable only to the wealthiest of men.

Mens Leather Coats

Mens Leather Coats

Today mens leather coats are still a symbol of luxury but are much more affordable than they once were.

If you aren’t a fan of the full length coat for some reason, then you also have the option of going for one of the shorter length trench coats for men (which is sometimes call a pea coat), or a three quarter length version that should sit just above the knee.

You now have the option to go for a coat in your preferred price range, as you can find men’s leather coats at prices ranging from under 200 dollars up to 1,000 dollars or more.

Mens leather coats are frequently made from buckskin or lambskin, and sometimes it’s the quality of the leather that dictates the price. However, sometimes the price may be down to the fact that it is a designer label, or has been custom made by hand.

A mans leather coat has always been a symbol of style and good taste and the wearer always looks smart and impressive when wearing one.

Duster coats and other mens leather coats were once commonly used as an item of ‘work wear’, as they offered a wipe clean surface and were warmer than a thin cotton coat. They did not soak up the rain as did many of the mens wool coats in those days, and protected some professions from being bitten by insects etc.

The leather trench coat dates back to the eighteen hundreds, when leather clothing was a necessity because it was strong and long wearing. A man’s job or profession was identified by the type of leather clothing he wore.

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The rancher or farmer would wear buck skin clothing which he made for himself, while a minister or sales man would wear a long black leather coat.

In the twentieth century the full length mens leather trench coat was no longer considered the costume of the 1800’s, but a practical garb with a place in a modern man’s wardrobe.

When the leather coat was no longer necessary for practical reasons it became more popular as a fashionable item of clothing.

In the 1970’s the leather trenchcoat came into its own as a fashion statement for both men and women alike. A man wearing one of these long coats was considered the epitome of fashion and was seen as sharp in personality and looks.

In the early days it was seen as very masculine to wear a full length leather trench coat. Men would appear strong and capable and they enjoyed this image, whereas women did not wear leather as it was considered unfeminine to do so.

Attitudes have changed considerably over the years and the image of mens leather coats has changed. Men still look strong and capable when wearing them, but they also look quite sexy. Today we all accept that a woman in a leather coat not only retains her femininity but she too can look incredibly sexy, if she wishes to do so.

Leather trench coats vary in quality from the less expensive coat to the upscale high end coat. Colors of the leather trench coat have also changed. What was once only accepted in black or brown can now be purchased in any color from white to deep purple and all of the colors in between.

The black leather trench coat is incredibly popular with a wide age range, from the full length ‘Emo’ or ‘Goth’ style gothic trenchcoats (for the young man), to the traditional double breasted trench coat in leather (which is more suited to a much wider audience).

The mens leather coats and trench coats for men of today may be single breasted, double breasted, or even have a zipper fastening.

Whatever your favorite style is, whatever your color choice, be it red, white, or the traditional black leather coat, you’ll get so much pleasure from wearing it, because mens leather coats make a statement.

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