Looking Smart In A Military Trench Coat

The military trench coat is worn today by men of all ages. It can be worn formally or casually, depending on the choice of the wearer.

Although the traditional wool trench coat style remains popular, fabrics are generally lighter in weight and easier to maintain.

The military style wool coat has a very long history and it first made its mark during wartime.

The 1st World War presented many problems for the French and British soldiers.

Military Trench Coat

Military Trench Coat

One such problem was the thick and heavy serge greatcoats that they were forced to wear. The mud and the grime weighed these long coats down even more, which only added to the pressure on the already exhausted soldiers.

The introduction of the garment (namely the military trench coat) by the Burberry clothing company changed the life of soldiers from then on in.

The London Fog company also produced the London Fog trench coat which was very similar in design.

During the 2nd World War enlisted men of the American and British Forces and many others besides quickly adopted military trenchcoats as an essential part of their uniform.

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The double breasted version of these trench coats for men in its navy or beige material suited both men and women, and soon women began favoring this style of trench coat.

Although the coat did look very smart, it was purely for practical reasons that it was a firm favorite.

The coat was easy to clean, contrary to the older wool trench coat. D rings and shoulder straps allowed small pieces of kit or equipment to be easily attached and therefore readily available.

The full length trench coat soon became available as a mid length trench coat, to be worn when the later was the more practical option.

The style of the military trench coats soon became popular with the public at large, and soon everyone wanted to wear this elegant style of coat.

The movies were quick to feature the hero wearing his long double breasted trench coat, and women swooned at the sight. This resulted in most of the single men saving their money to buy this latest form of outerwear.

The military trench coat of today comes in a wide range of materials including; gabardine, wool, cotton, and leather.

It can be worn every day, and it just as suited to wear at the office as it is to wear for an evening out.

It is a fact that today the heavyweight traditional woolen topcoat has been joined, if not replaced, by the military trench coat in many wardrobes and closets.

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