A Ralph Lauren Trench Coat – For The Sophisticated Gent

Trench coats have been around for decades but over the years they have progressed into a coat that is adored by almost every man.  Many of today’s modern designers have also brought out their own range of coats.

Ralph Lauren Trench Coat

Ralph Lauren Trench Coat

The coats in the Ralph Lauren collection are simply superb and every man should have a Ralph Lauren trench coat in their wardrobe.

The Ralph Lauren trench coats for men are fantastic and smart they will look fantastic with whatever you are wearing, from a suit to jeans this range of coats will look brilliant.

The Galant Ralph Lauren Trench coat is excellent.  It is available in Black or Tan and it comes in three different lengths, short , regular or long.

You will look extremely smart and sophisticated in this particular men’s trench coat.

Another fantastic  Ralph Lauren trench coat is the Polo Ralph Lauren Black Label men’s trench jacket.

This trench jacket may seem expensive to some people, but the quality is absolutely fantastic and is worth every cent.  It is has inside adjustable straps for you to get the perfect fit.

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There are so many different styles of Ralph Lauren coats available, it could be hard for you to make a decision.

Some Ralph Lauren coats have been compared to TravelSmith coats.

You should consider looking on the internet when you are trying to find a Polo Ralph Lauren trench coat as there is a much bigger range.  Also you will be able to read reviews on all of the different coats that are available.

Ralph Lifshitz (later to be known as Ralph Lauren) was born in The Bronx in 1939.  When he was 16 his name was changed to Lauren by his guardian who was also his brother.  He went to college where he studied business but he dropped out after two years.

In 1962 he joined the US army where he served for two years and left in 1964.  He never attended fashion school but he did work for Brooks Brothers  as a salesman.  In 1967 he opened a store in which he sold neckties that he had designed, these were sold under the label Polo.  He later bought that name from Norman Hilton whom had given him the financial help to open the store.

In the 1970’s he introduced menswear and women’s suits, and his wide range of clothing are still selling in the millions decades later.  All of the different items of clothing, along with the different types of Ralph Lauren overcoat, will have his world famous logo on them.

It does not matter which Ralph Lauren trench coat you decide to buy as they are all excellent you could also pair it up with a Ralph Lauren suit.

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