Tripp Trench Coats For Men, Goths And Vampires!

One of the leading manufacturers of gothic clothing is Tripp.  With Tripp trench coats for men being one of the most popular items sold.

Tripp Trench Coats For Men

Tripp Trench Coats For Men

There are so many different fantastic styles available you will be spoilt for choice.

A favorite choice of many people is the black and chrome hardware full length jacket.  It is made from very heavy duty cotton denim and has a side slanted zip. It is covered with chrome studs and chains and is an eye catching gothic coat.

Another one of the superb Tripp trench coats for men is the Tripp hooded vampire coat.   This coat is covered with chrome pyramid studs, d-rings and eyelet grommets.  On the cuffs there are double skull buttons and it comes with a removable hood.

In 1984 Daang Goodman created a fashion company called Tripp NYC.  They specialize in clothing that is a combination of music and underground style.  Today they are still going strong and his creations are sold in boutiques around the world.

Not only do they design and make Tripp trench coats for guys and girls they also make other types of clothing, like skinny jeans and gothic trousers.

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The mens trench coat has come a long way since it was first introduced as an optional item of dress for British soldiers.

Where it was once considered to be the choice of the gentleman who was fast approaching middle age, it is now a ‘must have’ purchase for guys of all ages.

No one is afraid to experiment with clothing any more, and this freedom allows men to express themselves through their choice of clothes.

The gothic scene began in England in the early 1980’s it was influenced by horror films and gothic literature.  The majority of Goths will wear black eyeliner, dark nail varnish and they all tend to grow their hair long and dye it black.  The one thing they all wear is a long black trench coat.

Gothic trench coats also go by the name of vampire coats, as they are similar in appearance to the cloaks vampires wear in movies.  They are always long and black and the majority will come with studs and chains.  One in particular, the Tripp black pin coat features safety pins all the way up the front and back.

If you have access to the internet you will find a huge range of stores which sell Tripp trench coats for men along with other Tripp clothing.

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