Should You Choose A Vampire Coat Or A Gothic Coat?

Because the vampire coat and the Gothic coat are similar in style, they are each referenced in the same category.

The single and sometimes double breasted coat has various styles. Some styles are based on the traditional look of trench coats for men, while others are much more dramatic in their appearance.

Vampire Coat

Vampire Coat

Although, all of the coats are tight fitting, some have a short skirt and others have a long flared skirt. All of the coats have long tight fit sleeves. The collars can be faux or real fur, small cape, stand up, or cowl. The fabric varies as well from satin, leather, and velvet to cotton or twill.

There are many top designer brands with Gothic Punk, Tripp, and Lip Service being very popular, and Tripp trench coats for men are among the most sought after gothic coats on sale today.

The vampire coat was usually always black in color until the introduction of Count Alacard (which just happens to be Dracula spelt backwards), one of the most modern of vampires who added red to his vampiric wardrobe.

The similarity between the vampire coat and the Gothic coat makes it able to be worn by both men and women. The women’s vampire or Gothic apparel leans more toward the sexy look than the practical look although it does have some practicality.

The women’s apparel consists of corsets and bust enhancers as well as long and short skirts and dresses also long and short coats. Women’s apparel also has various shoes and boots. The men’s apparel is restricted more to pants, coats (long and short), crisp white shirts and shoes and boots.

Although the vampire coat has been in existence since the early Victorian era it gained popularity with the 1920’s silent movie, Nosferantu . The vampire in this movie wore a long coat that fit tightly at the top with a flared skirt and tight long sleeves trimmed with a small fur collar.

No one could ever wear these long coats in the same menacing way that Bella Lugosi did as Count Dracula in his many movies.

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The vampire coat is now associated not only with the vampire cultists but with the Gothic culture. The punk rock music of the 1970’s and 1990’s was the inspiration of the Gothic culture and the apparel and its accessories became the apparel of choice.

The stereotypical Goth is a person possessing the need to be nonconforming thus breaking the bond of conformity. To be a true Goth one has to have an “I don’t care what you think of me” attitude and dress accordingly.

A Goth coat or ladies or mens trench coat is an essential part of the Goth uniform.

Along with the aforementioned apparel the Goth adds to his or her accessories pierced lips, razor blade earrings, skulls and crucifixes along with black hair, black face makeup and until now all black clothing.

Gothic Trench Coats For Men

Unlike the traditional mens trench coat, the gothic trench coat for men is one that is worn to make a definite and loud statement. It was for the man that wanted to say he did not care what anyone thought of him and by wearing this apparel made his rebellious and/or sexual declaration.

These trench coats for men make a sexual statement, and are sometimes called the S&M or the bondage coats because of the chains and tapes fashioned onto the garments. They are also called Matrix, vampire, or Emo trench coats.

Although the goth coat usually takes the form of a mens leather trench coat, some are made from a smooth velvet which surprisingly is often more preferred by the man.

Some other fabrics that made up the gothic trench coat for men was cotton, twill and some faux fur. The coat was form fitting and may have been closed with buttons, a zipper or fastened with a hook and eye. It had a deep vent in the back to make it easier for the wearer to sit down in it. Some have a lacing in the back which when pulled made these long coats more form fitting.

Because of its vast popularity the gothic coat has made its statement, and is still making a statement as a part of the gothic culture. A culture that adorns itself with skulls, crucifixes, and skeletons and whose favorite color to wear in apparel and make up is black. Black leather coats, black face and eye makeup, and black hair. Safety pins are commonly pierced through the lips and tongue and razor blade earrings are also worn.

Not only is the man that is wearing the gothic trench coat making a statement, the coat itself is making a statement and it will always continue to do so. Unlike the traditional trench coat which is the first choice of many men of all age groups, the gothic trench coat is more of an acquired taste.

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